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What Neptune Retrograde Means in The Natal Chart

The Astrology Chart is filled with all kinds of placements, which can feel confusing, so when there is an “R” next to one of your planets, it means you have a Natal Retrograde. And if you are here to find out about what it means to have Neptune Retrograde in the Birth Chart, then you are on the right blog.

With an Inverse Cycle that lasts almost half the year, the chances of having Neptune Retrograde in your Natal chart are incredibly high. Because this is a slow outer planet, it spends a lot of time on the other side of the Sun, which is why its Retrograde is so prevalent in many Birth Charts. And, on top of that, Neptune is a Generational Planet lasting about 14 years in a Zodiac Sign. As a result, the likelihood someone you know has this planet in Retro, plus the exact Sign placement, is high.

In Astrology, Neptune is how we connect with our intuitive side, tapping into our creativity, how we understand faith, and how we idealize situations in our life. So, to have this planet Retrograde in our Natal Chart could cause us to internalize these processes. It could also cause us to have issues with the imaginative side of us, so a Retrograde like this could make you feel more left brain.

Many lessons could come with any Retrograde, which can be stressful, and with Neptune, it can feel more confusing, so do your best to get through hard times. It isn’t easy to have challenging placements, but one of the good things about this is accelerating your spiritual growth and becoming connected to higher frequencies.

Natal Neptune Retrograde Experiences

Retrogrades have a unique way of playing out in our charts, but it isn’t a one-size-fits-all condition. Everyone experiences their Natal Retrogrades differently, so you could have 4 of these themes while someone else has 8. It all depends on how Neptune is situated in your Chart.

One of the reasons Retrogrades in the Natal charts or in Transit are so intense is because they are on the other side of the Sun. For this reason, we experience the entire energetic field of whatever planet is going inverse. They are mitigated by solar energy when they are behind the Sun, so the power this celestial body is emanating is toned down. Therefore, with nothing to filter the strength of the planet, we experience it at full velocity.

There are some things to consider when looking at your Retrograde because not all are created equal. Depending on what Sign and Aspects Neptune are in, the conditions could be a breeze or complex.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Is your Neptune in conjunction with the Sun? In other words, it could gain strength by being in something called a Cazimi, which is when these two planets are in exact conjunction by degree.

  • Alternatively, if your natal Neptune is within 17 degrees, it could feel burnt out or overpowered by solar energy in a situation called “under the Beams.

  • Do you have any Conjunctions to other Planets because this could amplify your condition?

  • What kind of aspects are forming to Neptune from other planets; Are there many Trines and Sextiles or Square plus Oppositions?

  • With regards to placement, which house is the planet in? The houses are crucial because it could be in one it enjoys or another place it would rather not hang out.

  • The same goes for Sign, element, and mode; you want to look at what they are in as well. An example would be Neptune in Sagittarius (Mutable Fire) or Neptune in Capricorn (Cardinal Earth.)

Neptune RX Themes

These are the themes a person could have experienced being born with Neptune in Retrograde:

  • Neptune already has an intuitive expression, so when this planet is retrograde Natally, it causes people to suppress their spiritual side.

  • Some tend to live in the land of make-believe. In other words, they go through bouts of being disconnected from reality and escaping through daydreams.

  • Neptune RX causes the natives to feel blurry and have a hard time deciphering fact from belief.

  • Natal Neptune Retrograde could cause one to feel lethargic, so the individual could feel sluggish at times when it comes down to taking action.

  • Enmeshment in relationships could be an ongoing issue until they break that pattern, especially with immediate family.

  • They can go through extremes with their sleep and have cinematic dreams or, on the flip side, lack imagination.

  • These people can be overly sacrificing and deny themselves comfort or compassion for the sake of helping others.

  • At times there is a tendency to deny their own reality or have others do the same through gaslighting.

  • There are moments of stagnation in creativity, and they sometimes have trouble accessing their imagination.

  • Checking out of responsibilities when they don’t want to deal with the hard stuff in life so escapism could be an issue

  • Problems with empathy comes up with this kind of Retrograde. They can go from extremes of having an overabundance of compassion for people to a lack which causes them to not care about using others.

  • Hypochondria tends to come up quite a bit with this Inverse Cycle

  • Regarding faith, there can be a lot of doubt in oneself, humanity, and in religion

  • When they can access their vivid side, people with this placement have imaginations that are in HD

  • There is a tendency to fall into the victim mentality or be victimized by others

  • Eventually, these natives make amazing healers, musicians, poets, actors/actresses, singers, writers, artists, astrologers, and psychics.

Having Neptune in Retrograde does not mean you will have a rough time or always meet others with bad intentions. Of course, dealing with chronic boundary issues is hard, so do the best you can to set healthy limits. These themes often come up, but they show you how to set parameters and get connected with reality.

Luckily, people with Retrogrades tend to do better when the planet isn’t direct because this is the frequency they were born with; because Neptune is Inverse for nearly half the year, this at least gives the person more time for clarity. Also, having challenges in your Chart is a good thing because it gives you a higher chance of success. After all, you have to work harder, which increases the chances of achieving versus someone who rests on their laurels.

Will My Natal Retrograde Ever Go Direct?

Even though you are born with this Retrograde, it doesn’t mean it won’t go direct at some point in your life. This happens because our Natal planets go through their own growth period, which causes them to transition out of Retrogrades. We can look at this using a technique called Progressions.

In Progressions, it goes by a day equals a year. So say you were born seven days before Neptune goes direct; this would mean that your Natal RX went out of Retrograde when you were 7 years old. If Neptune went out of Retrograde 25 days after your birthday, then that means at Twenty Five, your Natal Inverse Cycle ended.

If your Neptune goes Direct by Progression, you could notice that things in this area of life open up for you. So if you felt blocked or stagnant in that area, you could see that over the next few years, things are slowly falling into place.

What Does Neptune Retrograde Mean In A Past Life

Retrogrades in your Natal chart could feel stifling, but they serve to help your growth on a spiritual, psychological, emotional level and help you evolve as a soul. Think about what lessons your soul needs to learn for progressive purposes, what you might not have understood in a past life, or even what you need to master in this current one.

Regarding your past life, having Neptune Retrograde could point to situations where you were overly protective of your boundaries. You could have been restrictive and discriminated against other people often. Also, you could have been someone who refused to make sacrifices or show compassion for yourself and others.

On the flip side, you could be experiencing a do-over because you were overly Neptunian in a past life, and this is your time to do the internal work to set healthy limits. With this placement, you could have had no constraints, and this is showing you how to say no to others who are encroaching on you.

Additionally, there could have also been a tendency to only rely on logic rather than learning to get in touch with your intuitive side.

How to Have Faith in Yourself is Found in Your Natal RX

Remember, having Neptune Retrograde in your Chart isn’t meant to make your life blurry; it is there so you can find your own clarity. Use your Neptune RX to restore faith back in yourself.

Here are some celebrity examples with Retrograde

Adele, Allan Alda, Jessica Alba, Tim Allen, Pamela Anderson, Lana Del Ray, Iggy Pop, Betty Paige, John Waters, Barbara Streisand, Patti Labelle, Aaron Paul, Florence Welch, Pablo Picasso


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