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Pluto Retrograde: Be Strong and Say No to Toxic People

Pluto Retrogrades are all about staying strong, saying no to toxic people, and old behaviors that are holding you back from evolving.

This is the type of Inverse Phase that brings up old situations we have internalized and also, karmic issues we must face so we can transform our lives for the better. As intense as all of that sounds it is meant to help us so we can get to a better place overall. With a Retrograde of this magnitude, things can get uncomfortable because it is forcing us to look at the ugly truth in our lives where we must clear out the harmful circumstances that piled up.

Energetically, Pluto puts us in a position to detox the circumstances that are preventing us from getting in touch with our personal power. So look at this as an opportunity to release whats caused you to be stagnant; this is your invitation to level up. Retrogrades, play out on a collective level as well as individual, especially with the outer planets.

So even if you aren’t feeling these energies yourself, you can still watch the vibrational shift on a world stage. Or it could be people in your life that appear to be going through some change on a personal level during an Inverse Cycle.

Pluto is currently in Capricorn at the time I am writing this and will be there until March 23rd, 2023, in the Sign of Aquarius. One of the last times, it was in the Sign of the sea-goat was November 9th, 1762 to January 26th,1778 which was around the time America was gaining its independence during the revolution. And the last time it was ready to make a Great Conjunction with Capricorn was on January 3rd, 1518, which is part of a 500-year cycle. People during those times were looking for freedom, a way to express themselves, to practice the religion they wanted, to explore new territories, and to live in their truth.

Today we can see these issues playing out, sure, the scenery is different, the way we live our lives isn’t the same, but the need for transformation is still in the air whether that be personal or outwardly, people are looking for happiness whatever that means to them.

Vibes of Pluto Retrograde and How They Will Affect You:

With a Retrograde like this, it’s going to feel edgy but look at it as your time to release what no longer serves you. Pluto is the Phoenix rising from the ashes, so these cycles represent death and rebirth. Of course, this isn’t in the literal sense; it basically means you have to discard what weighs you down so you can get to the next level and start a new chapter that allows you to shine.

Here are the three main themes that happen during this Retrograde Cycle:

Becoming More in-tune with Your Soul

  • Spiritual awakening, uncovering occult knowledge

  • Psychic waves come through and enlighten you.

  • Your unconscious and consciousness come together to reveal what was repressed

  • Hidden talents are released from a transformative event

  • Regenerating yourself through rest

The Detox Diet

  • Pluto causes one to face situations that need to change because they are unhealthy.

  • It creates an urge to uncover the root cause of our problems and to look at issues we have repressed.

  • This can be a lonely time, but it is meant for you to gain endurance.

  • Repressed emotions and other internal issues come to the surface because they need resolution,

  • Desires of all kinds that have been restricted come out

  • The Truth comes out in more ways than one.

  • Working on obsessive behavior and compulsion

  • Breaking bad habits and ridding yourself of addiction, patterns, obsessions, compulsions, so breakthrough what’s holding you back. Transform it’s time to purge

Leveling Up: The Process of Evolving

  • You must stay strong and say no to toxic people.

  • Some situations are fated yet transformative during these times it is all about re-emerging.

  • Value yourself and maintain your dignity.

  • Power struggles with those who try to dominate your life, Escaping oppressors

  • Teaches you how to let go so you can empower yourself and let go

  • Descending into the depth of Plutonium types of circumstances, Pluto contracts are activated or broken

  • Isolation, you will want to shut others out during a phase like this

  • Mental death, in other words, clearing out thought patterns that need to be put to rest Eliminating what is no longer useful

  • Something usually dies (Not to be taken literally) it is just a situation that has run its course

  • The dramatic loss is possible

Pluto transits can come off rough, however, as long as you work with this energy, you can capitalize on it and make magic happen so you can kick ass and take names to get through a Plutonian crisis.

High Vibes Only

Once you have gone through Pluto Retro with your dignity intact; it is time for you to take a moment and pat yourself on the back for taking a stance in your life.


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