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Uranus in Taurus March 6th, 2019 to July 2025: Revamping Our Values

In 2018 we received a small taste of Uranus in Taurus before it went back into Aries to finish up the issues we needed to resolve with regards to our identity and freedom. Now here we are, back in Uranian Bull energy, so now we will have to create or work on our values with money, comfort, food, and what genuinely makes us feel secure.

It’s been eighty-four years since this planet was in Taurus for an extended period which was from 1934 to 1942, so the energy came in during the post-Great Depression era, which was still affecting nineteen-thirties America. People were looking for consistency in their lives, things that would remain the same, and a way to live a life that was filled with reliability, income, and ease which is are a central Taurian theme.

Uranus is the embodiment of new ideas, shifting attitudes, eureka moments that lead to a significant change in the world. It is the first planet that deals with our subconscious and delivers messages from a higher realm. This planet is so far out that it doesn’t change signs for 7 years so this gives us almost a decade to work out the areas of our life that need liberation.

The introduction to the new ideal is what this planet does, this brings new concepts and ways we could have never dreamed of without its help. Uranus changes aren’t always permanent, but it sets the spark for these advancements.

This celestial body is a trendsetter, so it causes us to adopt a new-original style of dress literally and figuratively. This creates a decline for what no longer works for the sake of revolutionizing our world to implement a new way. But unlike a fad, the trend it sets evolves into something greater once it transfers over to the last two planets.

Like a lightning bolt Uranus brings in this new wave by setting the tone for what is to come, it also causes a ripple effect for the last two heavenly bodies in our solar system Neptune and Pluto, which are the sources that bring in change and transformation on a more permanent level.

Uranus in Taurus Themes

So now that we are back in this part of the sky in 2019, we can expect new innovations from this planet

There could be new modernization, and downturns in things that are Taurian in nature due to Uranus's lightning bolt style of sweeping the rug from under us, good, bad, or indifferent. Some of the advancements and mass change we will see will include:

  • The way our currency is created

  • Resources and how they are cared for

  • Beauty Regimes

  • Scandals with money and using financial power to gain access to exclusivity

  • Taurus rules the throat so some advances in that area of health is possible

  • What we deem as security

  • How we seek comfort in our lives

  • Agriculture and the way food is grown

  • The standards of our food such as making sure it is a high quality

  • The way we look at food and beverages might go through a shift

  • People gaining sudden electric windfalls of money

  • The decline of value systems

  • Financial between the and have nots

  • in the economy

A bunch of these themes can play out under the influence of the placement of this planet in Taurus.

Uranus in Taurus causes the collective to see finances in a way that is inventive and outside the box. There is a risk takers vibe because you feel lucky and with the nature of this planet you can strike it rich or bottom out.

Even with the Taurus sturdy energy, there is a rebellious tone against the status quo. Society becoming resistant to how things are done because they want a new way of how they live their life, in other words, people may rebel against old values in favor of new ones.

Uranus is the awakener and planet of sudden changes so it being in Taurus is problematic because you have an earth sign in a celestial body that is quick and airy. Uranus will have a tug of war in this sign because this planet is swift and wants to get things moving, but Taurus is slow moving so this won’t transfer stuff in a fast manner the way this celestial body wants. Expect a ton of fluctuation that is more like a build up then all of a sudden things shift abruptly.

Also, the Taurean energy is fixed like Aquarius accept it is the most sluggish sign in this mode. For this reason, a lot of stress will pile up, so situations are more like a pressure cooker waiting to bubble over.

Vibes of Beginning Transits to Uranus in Taurus and How They Affect Us As a Collective.

Here are the aspects connected to this planet at the time it goes into Taurus. The Sabian Symbol that kicks off this long-term sign change sets the tone for what we will see in the early stages of this shift.

“Goldsmith's Revised Sabian Symbol for the 1st degree of Taurus" A poor woman goes through the trash on the banks of a river, occasionally stopping to teach her daughter what is valuable and what is just garbage.”

Sun SemiSquare Uranus: Bust Out of Your Rut And Reveal Your Livelier Side.

Even though the Sun will be in Pisces and Uranus is in Taurus you can expect the need to be bold and expressive to still be intense. You will be ready to explore and get out of your old routine for the sake of being sick of stillness in your life. There is a bit of rush energy so try to slow down before you do anything that might be too hasty. Your energy levels will be high, and you will want to play.

Moon SemiSquare Uranus: Rebel With a Cause and A Tab Bit Of Nervous Energy.

It’s all about marching to your own beat which is where you shine because you are not the type to follow the rules or care what others think. You don’t fit in anyone’s box, and that is what causes you to be appealing to others. You are a hard worker with tons of energy that can go from functional to nervous. Drama with women is a prominent feature of this aspect so female relationships could be strained.

Venus Square Uranus Breaking Out of Restrictive Relationships and Transforming Your Looks.

Any situations on a romantic or friendship level that restrict you will not last through a transit like this because you are standing up for yourself and ready to walk away from those who hold you back. Your anxiety will be at an all-time high, but you are prepared to make changes no matter the cost. You go through a revamping period with your appearance and relationships, tossing out what is no longer a good fit in your life.

Uranus Square Moon's North Node: Unbalanced Relationships.

Mixing things up in your social life is what this aspect brings. You are going to feel like you need to surround yourself with like-minded people who are offbeat, original, and not part of the norm. People come in quickly and then abruptly stop communicating, so be careful who you let into your social life. Sudden bouts of anxiety will be brought on from associating with unstable people or staying in troubled relationships.

Changing Things Up

Now that we are out of Aries, we have lessons and new areas of our life that need our focus. This will be a time for you to work on the Taurian areas of your life. Look at what you value vs. what isn’t comfortable anymore and make the necessary changes you need to feel secure.


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