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Jupiter in Capricorn: Transit Vibes and How it Affects you.

In life, leaving the place where you shine the most isn’t easy because who would want to walk away from something good. However, it is necessary to step out of your comfort zone to grow plus have new experiences that can lead to opportunities while gaining wisdom. Stepping out into the world with hope and enthusiasm is the nature of Jupiter, which is why this planet always wins.

The podcast that discusses this transit

So now that Jupiter has left his home sign of Sagittarius, it’s about to embark on a 12-year journey through the zodiac, and its first stop is Capricorn. This first stop isn’t a comfortable place on his quest because it is a complete 180 from the jovial-Jupitarian energy.

Jupiter is a bit stressed-out in this placement because this planet prefers to just let the chips fall where they may. In Capricorn, Jupiter doesn’t get to just let it’s hair down. Saturn and Jupiter are opposite energies. Jupiter wants to explore, have parties, take huge risks, and make friends all for the sake of the experience.

Unlike Jupiter, Saturnian energy is cautious. Saturn’s tone can be cold, restrictive, and materialistic. Saturn wants to network with those who can get him to the next level and won’t take a risk unless it’s a sure thing that will become something tangible. So, with their energies combined, we have a situation where the need to succeed can get inflated, causing stress and burnout.

Things to be aware of are:

  • Going so hard you might stall out from overcommitting to things

  • Having issues with your faith because you need to see the truth and facts

  • Feeling like you aren’t successful enough

  • Use this energy to turn hope into reality

  • Hard work pays off over wishfulness

  • The vibe will be somewhat rigid

  • Some will want things to be old ideals/ status quo to be trendy again

  • There could be a struggle with belief in many forms

  • Feeling vacant when it comes to emotions which can lead to supplementing with material things or wanting authority

  • A tone of check-mating others and being competitive will be in the air

  • Taking responsibilities seriously and being protective which has many variables of how that can manifest

Try to channel the best qualities of this placement. Use this energy to go after your goals in a balanced-high vibe way.

-Later guys


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