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Mercury Retrograde Meaning: Transit Vibes and How they Affect You.

What Happens When Mercury is Retrograde

In Astrology, Mercury is our guide; it allows us to interpret the world around us by taking large-scale ideas and synthesizing them so we can classify what we are trying to decipher. However, this celestial body is a trickster, so just when we think we have it figured out, he turns the tables, which is why people are thrown for a loop when this planet backtracks.

Mercury Retrogrades' meaning in Transit is very different than the one we experience on Natally level. When we are dealing with this as a Transit, we feel its effects temporarily rather than on an expressed energy we would have in our Birth Chart.

Every area of a Mercury Retrograde is about going inward to do the 3 R’s of the Inverse cycle; reboot, recreate, and re-calibrate. You need to go back and become organized. Sometimes, ideas need an overhaul, and Mercury does just that. We have to keep on our toes during an RX cycle; otherwise, there are mishaps, and we can fool ourselves into thinking we have our shit together when really it needs to be tidied up.

Mercury Retrograde 2021

We are done with the Water cycles of 2019 and 2020, so for the year 2021, the Mercury Retrograde vibes are going to be in the Air Signs. What this means is during the Retrogrades we will have to work on communication and relationships.

Here are the important dates to prepare for the Retrograde:

Aquarius RX ♒︎

January 30th, Mercury RX at 26° Aquarius

Shadow 1/14/21 11° degrees of Aquarius

Direct 2/20/21

Out of Shadow 3/12/21

Gemini RX ♊︎

RX during Gemini Season Inverse Cycle

Shadow 5/14/21 16°

On May 29th Mercury turns Retrograde at 24° Gemini

Direct 6/22/21

Out of Shadow 7/7/21

Libra RX ♎︎

And Retro at the beginning of Libra Season

Shadow 9/9/21 13° ♎︎

On September 26th we will be in 25° ♎︎

Direct 10/18/21

Out of Shadow 11/02/21

Indeed it will be an interesting year, look through the rest of this blog post to see what you can expect during an Air Cycle retrograde.

Shadow Period- The Precursor for What's to Come.

Two weeks before this Celestial Body goes Retro it goes into it’s Shadow phase, this is when we can notice things becoming glitchy with our phones, computers, and other electronics. The Shadow period is a good time to prepare for what themes might appear for the upcoming inverse cycle. My advice is to look up what particular Sign or other Zodiac it might go into because sometimes the RX hits two at a time.

Other ways to prepare:

  • Backing up important data

  • Looking at the areas of your life that could use some polishing

  • Going to stone and crystal shops to buy some supplies that can help you ground your energy

  • Hanging out in nature or where ever you can find some green space to chill at

  • Journaling all of your stuck emotions or thoughts that way when they come out it isn’t too harsh

  • Taking a nice meditative shower or bath with your favorite music and scents

  • Researching topics you put on the back burner

  • Video games, no seriously, a little gaming will help you decompress

  • Binge-watching movies and shows you’ve meant to catch up to are also great when you need to destress and baby yourself. If you can’t concentrate on a mental task, give yourself a break with a good show.

The Typical Situations You Can Expect During Mercury Retro

These are some of the common issues experienced during the Retrograde:

  • This is a time to reflect

  • Thoughts from our unconsciousness come to the surface

  • The swindler side of a person can come out

  • Balancing the duality of your psyche

  • Going inward with your communication

  • Social exchanges with others can come out in a surprising way

  • Sudden flashes of insight show up and give us eureka moments

  • Teaches us where we need to look at the details and not skip a beat

  • A need to be introspective

  • Our awareness is raised

  • Things slow down so we can understand them and see a situation without the distractions we do when life is fast-paced

  • Learning how to pay attention or suffer the consequences

  • Issues that have been in the subconscious, or underneath, repressed from the last few months or a few Retrograde cycles ago need to be figured out.

  • People from our past come back that we have unfinished business with

Some people feel these more than others. Either you get to be a lucky spectator and watch everyone else glitch out, or you are the individual who receives a case of the Retrogrades.

People born with Mercury Retro Natally generally are immune to the inverse cycles but might feel off when this planet is direct.

The best way to know if you will be affected is to check what planets are being aspected in your chart because it takes an activation from Mercury to feel the energy intensely.

Transiting Mercury Retrogrades Affects When it is in a Specific Element

Yearly, Mercury goes through a particular element to review things in that Triplicity for society as a whole.

So one year we might have lessons in Fire, another, could be in Earth signs and so on. There are some years it will have an emphasis on a certain Triplicity but has one last review in another element. Therefore some inverse cycles will have a mixed bag of a few weeks in Water, then Mercury will spend the previous few in Air until it goes forward.

It varies from year-to-year, but when this celestial body goes back into another element, then we have some unfinished business in that triplicity we must finish as a collective.

Either way, these are the areas of life that need to be reviewed or finalized, especially if it goes into one element for a brief moment to retrace its steps. When Mercury dips back into an element, this planet was in while direct then it is time to go back to resolve or dissolve something in your life.

In a personal chart, the same theme can occur within elements so a person might have a year of transiting Mercury RX in Water, and so on. This cycle is repeated over 6 to 7 years, and can aspect a planet, house, plus other placements such as the Part of Fortune or an asteroid-like Juno.

Mercury Direct

After 3 long and frustrating weeks, Mercury goes direct, so this is where you can put all of the feelings, thoughts, goals, and projects back into action. As this planet rolls forward over the degrees, it went through during the inverse cycle, you will finally gain the clarity and ability to act without the consequences of the previous weeks. Use this time to fix what was misunderstood and move forward once again.


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