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Uranus Retrograde Meaning: How This Planet Affects You in Transit.

In Astrology, Uranus is the embodiment of new ideas, shifting attitudes, and eureka moments leading to a significant change in the world.

Unlike a Natal Uranus Retrograde, we experience this version on a collective level because it's in Transit. The outer planets deal with our subconscious and the unseen. The part that Uranus plays in the collective is it delivers messages from a higher realm. This celestial body wants us to work on our long-term goals, and because it doesn’t change signs for 7 years, it gives us ample time to work out the areas of our life that need liberation.

Uranus is the awakener because suddenly, it takes you out of a state that you’ve become used to that might not be genuine, or it is too monotonous. It is an abrupt cosmic wake-up call that causes you to release what you have suppressed internally.

It separates you from what you thought you wanted and forces you to look at better alternatives. This planet splits you from situations and liberates you in many ways, sometimes from the mundane, other times from being too reckless.

Themes of Uranus Retrograde

Uranus alerts us to what we need to change in our lives. You will no longer be able to live in la-la-land and have to work towards a life filled with truth. Old habits that don’t serve your evolution will be reconstructed. A new trend will be set; your outdated wardrobe needs a purge to make way for outfits that truly fit who you really are as a person.

Here's what you can expect:

Wake-up Call

  • Areas of your life that have suffered from stagnation

  • Those who are out of control have a sobering moment and are forced to become mellow

  • Sudden collapses in areas that need an overhaul so you can have a breakthrough

  • Uranus is all about social responsibility, so extreme rebellious types are forced to slow down, face the consequences, and look at the damage they are causing to others.

Stop Repressing Your Needs

  • It makes it harder to live a life that feels like a lie

  • Reveals your odd habits so you can resolve them

  • Suppressed ideas come to the surface

  • Utilizing the innovative side of your mind

  • It can cause stress and anxiety that feels like a pressure cooker that’s ready to burst in the areas where you aren’t expressing yourself.

  • Hopes and wishes of a career you craved to be in one day, the city of your dreams, or lifestyle you wanted comes back, so the urge to go for it is unshakable.

Inner Revolution

  • You’ll have a sudden revelation about life and where it’s time to take action.

  • A solution to your problem you could not get around gets resolved

  • Becoming self-reliant

  • Prioritizing your personal freedom

  • Internal changes that lead to your growth as an individual

  • Spiritual awakening, unlocking your perception, and intuition

  • This is your opportunity to develop further

  • You will feel like you aren’t relating to others, even those who are familiar to you, because of the changes going on internally.

Stand Up for What is right.

  • Doing the right thing for the collective and humanity as a whole, you might feel compelled to join causes to help your fellow man.

  • Uranus will bring you to a place where you no longer need others approval

  • Standing up for your rights as an individual no matter what the consequences

  • You will no longer be held back by what society wants; keeping things status quo will not suit your life anymore

Busting Out of Your Rut

  • Repressed dreams, behavior, or your real identity comes out.

  • Living a mundane existence is no longer acceptable

  • You’ll experience extreme anticipation to the point of being anxious if you aren’t doing something thrilling in your life

  • Your adventurous side finally comes out, and you’re able just to be easygoing

  • You’ll be ready to take some risk rather than being a passenger in your life

  • Seeking fulfillment will be your new coping mechanism

After the Retrograde ends, you will be different and shocked so that things won’t look the same in your world. However, this is, so you are operating at your highest potential and will no longer need the familiar redundant way of life you were living.

Uranus Direct

Finally, we are done with our inner revolution and can start getting some sense of our next steps without all of the reversals and sweeps this celestial body causes. Take this shadow period to review everything you went through and look at new innovative ways to make your life unique.


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