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What It Feels Like to Experiance Venus Retrograde in Your Birth Chart

So, you were born with a Retrograde Venus in your Birth chart?!

That's a pretty rare inverse cycle to have Natally because Venus Retrogrades aren't common. The inverse cycle is every 18 months; this means you are part of the 7% of individuals who have this in their chart. It's not a frequent Retrograde like Mercury or the Outer planets synodic cycles, so when it hits, it feels like someone stole your rose-colored glasses, allowing you to see the truth, which is pretty startling.

Venus is like the friend we text when we are up for a fun-filled day! In Astrology, Venus is all about happiness, feeling good, our aesthetic, what we love to do for fun, our self-worth, plus the ability to relate to others. It also shows what we like in our love lives and money. So, when her expression is turned inward, it causes people to communicate their Venus less exaggeratedly. Because we get a little less than two years of good vibes and fun times from Venus, when this planet goes Retrograde, it feels like our outlet for joy gets stifled.

With a Natal Venus Retrograde, people tend to go through extremes in their relationships, especially romantic ones. In one instance, they could be serial monogamous and on the other just not be the type you can tie down. Also, when it comes to career and money, having Venus RX in a birth chart causes those things to be off-kilter as well.

Honestly, having Retrogrades in your chart, especially with a personal planet like Venus, isn't easy, but once you learn how to work your Natal Retrograde, you will feel more balanced.

Natal Venus Retrograde Experiences

Retrogrades have a unique way of playing out in our charts, but it isn't a one size fits all sort of condition. Everyone experiences their Natal Retrogrades differently, so you could have 4 of these themes while someone else has 8. It all depends on how Venus is situated in your chart.

  • Is your Venus in a Conjunction with the Sun? In other words, it could gain strength by being in something called a Cazimi, which is when these two planets are in exact conjunction by degree. Alternatively, if your natal Venus is within 17 degrees, it could feel burnt out by a situation called "under the Beams."

  • Is Venus in a semi-square or semi-sextile to the Sun?

  • Is Your Venus Out of Bounds?

  • Do you have any Conjunctions to other Planets because this could amplify your condition?

  • What kind of aspects are forming to Venus; are there many Trines, Sextiles, or Squares and Oppositions to other planets?

  • With regards to placement, which house is the planet in? The houses are crucial because they could be in one it enjoys or another place it would rather not hang out in.

  • The same goes for Sign, element, and mode. Example: do you have a Mutable Air Venus (Venus in Gemini) or Fixed Fire (Venus in Leo?)

Natal Venus Retrograde Themes

Here are some Venus RX Themes You Could Experience on a Natal Level:

  • Issues with seeing the value in yourself which could cause you to be self-deprecating.

  • Because experiencing feelings of well-being can be challenging, you could find yourself overcompensating by buying expensive things

  • When it comes to relishing in fun, there could be an issue with letting loose.

  • What you find fun might be private to you or what is considered an offbeat style of entertainment.

  • A unique fashion style is associated with Natal Venus in Retrograde since this planet shows what kind of clothes we like the wear. So, having this Celestial Body Inverse could cause you to choose threads that are out of this world.

  • The love life might be confusing at times because they are emotionally inward, which could be confusing to their partners.

  • There can be an issue with only seeing what you want in relationships, so it's hard to distinguish who is good for you

  • Seeking the impossible in love to the point of not looking at the truth or having impractical expectations to fulfill.

  • Finding themselves in scenarios that aren't going anywhere, like an unrequited love situation, people who want to keep the relationship a secret can be an issue.

  • Being completely superficial and looking for someone out of their league

  • Sometimes getting caught up in relationships, you have a hard time separating from due to being attached to a love story that has dissolved long ago.

  • Relationships can feel complicated due to feeling suspicious and wary in unions.

  • A tendency to have extremes in relationships from wanting not to be bothered to monkey-barring from one relationship to another, more so addicted to love.

  • Social situations could make them shy and sometimes cause them to come across as offbeat to others.

  • Financially these people can have no balance and even be sneaky about their money.

When Venus is Direct, we have a nice buffer from feeling some of these themes so intensely. In other words, when Venus is behind the Sun, we are protected from the intensity this planet brings while in Retrograde. So, having a Natal Venus that is reversed causes you to experience the un-photoshopped aspects that would typically have an excellent filter.

Any Retrograde in the Natal Chart can be challenging because of this, but the good thing is you will eventually master some of these themes. With Retrogrades, you become more niched in a specific area. In this case, having an overabundance of Venus energy causes one to be great at Venusian topics such as a relationship guru, art, the beauty industry, fashion, musician, acting/ theater, a love life coach, or matchmaker.

Another thing with this is people with Retrogrades tend to do better when the planet isn't Direct because this is the frequency they were born with; therefore, they can adapt better than others. So at least you get some sort of alleviation every so often.

Will My Natal Venus Retrograde Ever Go Direct?

In Progressions, it goes by a day equals a year. So, say you were born 5 days before Venus goes direct; this would mean that your Natal RX went out of Retrograde when you were five years old. If Venus went out of Retrograde 32 days after your birthday, then that means at thirty-two, your Natal Inverse Cycle ended.

If your Venus goes Direct by Progression, you could notice that things in this area of life open up for you. So, if you felt blocked or stagnant in that area, you could see that over the next few years, things are slowly falling into place.

Venus Retrograde And Past Lives

Retrogrades in your Natal chart could feel stifling, but they serve to help your growth on a spiritual, psychological, emotional level and help you evolve as a soul. Think about what lessons your soul needs to learn for evolutionary purposes, what you might not have understood in a past life, or even what you need to master in this current life.

When it comes to Past Lives having Venus in Retro means you could have had issues with not enjoying yourself in love or just purely being able to let your hair down. There could have been issues where you didn't get to be in the relationship you wanted due to circumstance. Or you could have been a person who wasn't demonstrative in relationships.

Also, when it comes to finances, there could have been issues with greed, overindulging, and pure snobbery. On the flip side, you could have gone through something traumatic with your income in a former life which has caused you to be extremely thrifty.

Self-worth is another issue that comes up with this Natal Retrograde; you could have had a hard time valuing yourself and suffered from low self-esteem. Alternatively, you could have been the one devaluing others.

Beauty Is Found in Your Natal RX

Remember being born with Venus Retrograde isn't a bad thing by any means. This gives you a crash course in learning how to get in touch with self-love. Yes, that isn't the easiest and can feel like a significant uphill battle, so do your best to be kind and cut yourself some slack on those hard days. However, the more you push through your obstacles, you will be able to reveal you're true potential.

Here Are Some Celebrities Born With Venus Retrograde

Casey Affleck, John Cena, John Oliver, Randy Jackson, Katherine Heigl, John Stewart, Billy Ocean, Jody Foster, Mossimo Giannulli, Johnny Depp, George Miceal, Gerad Way, Sarah Michell Geller, Kall Penn, Venus Williams, Drake, Jeffree Star, Liam Hemsworth, Pop Smoke


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