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Venus Retrograde Meaning: How This Inverse Cycle Affects Your Love Life And Career

Every 18 months Venus Goes Retrograde here's what could happen in your romantic life and finances when this planet goes backward.

Venus is only in Retrograde for about 7% of the time, so we get about 18 months of primarily pleasurable situations from this planet. This Regressive Phase is not frequent like Mercury or the Outer planets synodic cycles, so it’s kind of a surprise in the most uncomfortable way when it hits.⁠ This Inverse Cycle in Transit is felt outwardly rather than someone living with Venus Retrograde Natally.

Venus RX is uncomfortable because it causes us to keep our rose-gold-colored glasses on in love and money.⁠ So, when it goes Retro, it’s like seeing your life without a Snapchat filter; your blemishes are more pronounced.⁠

Venus Retrograde is our life without an excellent photo filter. Therefore, when Venus goes Retro, we are faced with the truth about our relationships and money, we realize things weren’t as dazzling as they seemed.⁠

Think of this like going out for a night of drinks, you meet someone, they look hot but once sober, you see the truth, and wonder how you could have been attracted to them. Sometimes Venus gives us beer goggles, and now that you are having a moment of sobriety, the unappealing parts of your situation are now pronounced.

Unlike Mercury Retrograde, Venuses Regressive Cycle lasts for a substantial time. This planet spends 40 days and nights in Retrograde. Therefore, that’s a month and one week going backward, which gives us a lot of time to resolve our issues.

Depending on how Venus Retrograde is transiting in your chart and which house it is placed in, this will be where changes are occurring. So, if this is in your 7th house, then you need to resolve unfairness in relationships. Or, in your 2nd house, this is a time to examine how to improve the way you make income so you can sustain yourself and rebuild your confidence.

Additionally, if you aren’t Aspected by this Retrograde, you could be seeing it play out with the people you know or on a world stage. Every single person doesn’t get the effects personally when it comes to all Retrogrades, so it might just be you are witnessing a vibrational shift on a collective level instead of personal.

Venus Pre Retrograde Shadow

It’s crucial to jot down as many data points as possible during large planetary cycles.

The main themes that will come up during this Venus Retrograde in Capricorn will be our relationships and finances. So anything to do with those types of situations is something to be aware of over the next month. I say this because it will help you navigate through this Retrograde better. At least you will know what issues could arise for you as an individual and work through them.

One of the best ways to see a Retrograde pattern for yourself is looking at the repeating theme that keeps coming up over this next month. So if it happens to be a disagreement with you and your partner that has occurred 4 times in the last month, then that’s your clue. Another situation could work where something that seemed like a sure thing keeps getting delayed. So this could be an indicator of what’s coming up.

Retrogrades are about a retracing of steps, so when we get to the Pre-Shadow, our topic for the inverse cycle seems to occur before the Regressive Phase. Then the actual Retrograde takes place causing us to return to the earlier issues so we can resolve them.

Once the planet finally goes Direct, we move to the Post Shadow Phase, where the topics that hit us the most continue to happen; however, we can deal with them with more clarity and feel like we are in the driver’s seat.

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