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Neptune Retrograde Meaning: How this Planet's Vibes Affects You in Transit

For a lot of people, lies bring a level of comfort. Of course, this sounds insane, but it allows for them not to have to deal with the inconveniences the truth may bring.

As understandable as this might be, there is a level where it can become very unhealthy.

Luckily, there is a solution to that; it’s called a Neptune Retrograde. This inverse cycle gives us the dose of realism we truly need even if we would instead evade the facts. In life, it is essential to know where you stand with everyone and other circumstances around you. That way, you have all the information you need to move on if you aren’t comfortable with a lack of disclosure.

What we refuse to look at in our lives might help us get through tough times, but denial is not meant to be a permanent solution to our problems; it is only needed for the moment, so our emotions are protected.

Ergo, this Retrograde is a karmic period meant to reveal these areas of our brain and lives, so we can stop escaping them.

The themes of these retrogrades are all about breaking free from things that aren’t real, the areas of your life that need to be unveiled, even if we are not ready to deal with them. It’s about making us look at what we are doing to ourselves that we have been completely and utterly in self-denial about.

Depending on how Neptune was transiting in your chart and which house it is placed in at the time of the Retrograde, this will be the area of life that needs to be reviewed. So, if this is in your 7th house, then you need to resolve issues in relationships where you sacrifice or are being manipulated by your partner. Or in your 10th house, you need to see what your career issues are, it’s time, to be honest with yourself about getting proper recognition and fulfillment.

Additionally, Neptune Retrograde is an annual cycle that lasts 5 ½ months, which could cause these conditions to feel continuous. Retrogrades, play out on a collective level as well as individual, especially with the outer planets. So even if you aren’t feeling these energies yourself, you can still watch the vibrational shift on a world stage. Or it could be people in your life that appear to be going through some change on a personal level during an Inverse Cycle.

Neptune Retrograde Themes: Waking Up from the Land of Denial

With Neptune RX everyone’s experience can differ, so for the next 5 ½ months this Inverse Phase can come in a multitude of ways depending on what it is connecting within your Natal Chart. Here are some of the themes you can expect during a Neptune Retrograde.

Finding Yourself: Lost in A Boundless World Of Thoughts

Sometimes we become engulfed in our own minds. This theme deals with issues such as:

  • Experiencing waves of anxiety

  • Believing you have something you don’t in a hypochondriac way

  • Escapism from the situations you do not want to face through food, alcohol, substances, relationships, binge-watching shows, etc.

  • Going through moments where you feel like you are in the land of make-believe- Illusions that suck you in

  • There could be moments where you feel like you’re on a dissociative substance

  • Feeling like you are in a constant state of mental fog, unfocused and perplexed

  • Cognitive dissonance with media and other forms of communication- use as much discretion as possible

  • Please use your caution with what you are picking up in your conscious mind

  • You will try to get back in touch with reality

  • Working on where you’ve lost your identity while in a deep relationship where you could not tell the person from yourself

  • Coming to terms with behavior that is unrealistic and obsessive

  • Understanding that you need to protect your energy from harmful vibes

Breaking addictions to things that harm our systems are crucial, the excellent thing is Neptune RX will open your eyes to these habits that need to go.

Truths and Beliefs: Time to Sever Ties with Snake Oil Salesmen.

Neptune Retrograde is about getting rid of people who sell you the dream, in other words, it is time for you to cut the charlatans out of your life.

  • Realizing you have been lying to yourself and finding a way to cope with the truth

  • Facing the pain, you’ve escaped so it can be resolved

  • Learning how to show yourself some compassion and forgiveness

  • Releasing stuck anger and forgiving those who have wronged you

  • Seeing someone for who they really were and accepting it for what it is

  • Separating from a belief you once held that no longer serves your higher self

  • Learning it’s okay to set boundaries with people who have ill intentions

It’s normal to want to give people the benefit of the doubt or just let some sketchy things roll off your back; however, if you continue to then you could be susceptible to liars for the long haul.

Plunging into Neptunian Predicaments.

Another scenario that plays out is standing up for yourself. Even if you have avoided being assertive for a long time in your life, this retro was about standing up for yourself.

Here are the themes you could experience in the power struggle phase:

  • Tackling abuse of all kinds “Drugs, emotional, alcohol, food, verbal, physical.”

  • Going into a hermit phase to heal

  • Working on ways to not isolate yourself

  • Concluding that you need to get out of relationships because it’s against who you are such as affairs, dating unavailable people, unrequited love

  • Learning it is not okay to always be the one who sacrifices

  • Coming to grips with betrayal

  • Picking yourself up and not being anyone’s victim

After this one, you will find yourself at the end of this retrograde period walking away from those scenarios in favor of a healthy relationship with yourself.

Spiritual Awakening

During these Inverse Phase people get connected with their higher vibrations so don’t at all be surprised if you have a spiritual awakening:

  • Spiritual Dreams become vivid

  • Dreams that were murky finally become clear and are ready to be made real

  • Talents could become more apparent

  • Boundaries and restrictions are released

  • Psychic abilities awaken as well as experiencing intuitive downloads

  • Connecting with your higher consciousness

  • Intuitive and healing skills come to the surface

Empowering Yourself

We have a bunch of months to get through, so I suggest doing things that take the edge off during the inverse cycle:

  • Escape with a ton of self-care, meditate, buy crystals, burn some sage, or go to stone shops for fun

  • Do some art, listen to music, learn how to play an instrument or take an online drawing class if you don’t know how to do those things.

  • Channel your inner glamazonian, Neptune is all about glamor so soak it up.

As the haze lifts from this Retrograde, you will be able to slowly get into alignment and release any leftover residue from your situations. Transformation isn’t easy, but it is what you need, so you’re not living an unrealistic existence.

De-fog Your Thoughts!

We have 5 ½ months to learn how to navigate through this inverse cycle. Use your intuition during those times you aren’t able to articulate or comprehend situations in your life; hang back and wait for the right moment to react when you are feeling de-fogged from the Neptunian haze. Here’s to gaining a grip on situations that you need to get real about so you can live a life of happiness plus clarity.


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