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Saturn Pluto Conjunction: Vibes and How it Affects You

Saturn and Pluto will make their major alignment at 22 Degrees of Capricorn; which is long-duration energy rather than a transit that lasts only a few days, we will be in this vibration for over 30 years.

So yeah, this is beyond significant.

With all that being said, Saturn and Pluto will make a Major Conjunction, which only happens every 33 to 38 years because of these planets' slow movement around the Sun And Pluto’s odd elliptical orbit. This Conjunction is going to propel us into a new direction in Capricorn energy, which means we are Closing out the last cycle that happened in 1982 in Libra, which forever changed the way we handle relationships.

What a way to kick off a decade, right?!

When Saturn and Pluto meet, you can expect a re-calibration of our society and also on a personal level, depending on where this is aspecting in your chart. Saturn is all about mastery, rules, government, structures, authority, and being responsible.

Pluto Rules what's beneath the surface, power, control, and is regenerative energy meaning it cycles out what needs to go and what new thing needs to rise kind of like the Phoenix, which is represented by Pluto and the Scorpionic vibe. Any time these cycles have happened, the world moved into a new phase.

Combining these two celestial bodies is a fusion of these energies. Pluto will come through to demolish what doesn’t serve our evolution and Saturn to build something sustainable that performs better plus has strong integrity. These planets will work together to bring us the change we need as a society.

It’s time to let go of things that just don’t work and make way for improvement.

Themes you can expect:

  • A lack of trust for certain sects, organizations, political, and people

  • Feeling a need for a new system

  • The exposure of the disingenuous

  • Setting a unique tone and not accepting bullshit

  • Staying guarded and displaying outward security

  • A significant change and a re-calibration of society

  • Gradually moving into a new phase

  • It’s time to let go of things that just don’t work and make way for improvement

Positive sides

  • We start a new cycle that points us in the right direction

  • If you’re doing the work, you will reap the benefits

  • Pushes you to do the job and master the areas where you are weak

  • Like the phoenix, you get a chance to rise again

  • It’s time to go through a metamorphosis and transform into something better

  • Brings in a Saturn Return kind of vibe in some area of our lives

  • Something changes for the long haul on a personal and collective level

  • A shift in power dynamics

Shadow side

  • There are possibilities for war

  • Pain and loss

  • Challenging and stagnant energies can cause you to feel like you aren't moving

  • Abuse of power

  • The darker aspects of people

Meaning of 22 Degrees and the Last Decan of Capricorn

Degrees and Decans in Astrology are essential and give off specific energy, plus they provide us with more information so we can decipher what these numbers are vibrating definition-wise.

In late degrees, we are in the last Decan of this Astrological Sign, which puts us in the energy of Mercury. To figure out the correct Decan, you have to look through the element of a Zodiac Sign and break them up into 3 sections. i.e., Capricorn would go in this order “0-10 Saturn 10-20 Venus, and 20-30 Mercury.” What we can expect at this level is Virgo energy since Capricorn is an Earth Sign, so the last 10 degrees would give 22-Cap a Mercurial Nature.

The nature of this Decan will cause this Conjunction to vibrate what is in service of the people and do it effectively. In other words, this is divine energy, which helps us understand where we can be useful and do it in a way that solves problems. This is all about perfecting the issues we have individually and as a civilization.

Additionally, the Third Decan deals with spiritual aspects, so on a personal or global stage, we could deal with a shift metaphysically in consciousness.

With regards to 22 Capricorn, I looked at the Sabian Symbols and Inside Degrees to see what we can expect energetically.

Sabian Symbols:

Goldsmith's Sabian Symbol for 23 degrees of Capricorn

“At a party rally, a respected veteran is helped up to the dais and given a flattering introduction. His speech, however, promotes policies at odds with the party's official stance.”

For Sabian Symbols always round up by 1 degree, so at 23 Degrees of Capricorn, this conjunction is calling for us to work together, to give society what it deserves, and to not push our own views. This is one of those degrees that exposes the disingenuous and those who have an agenda

Inside Degrees:

"A bare altar covered with black velvet.”

In this degree, we are faced with the fact that some things just can’t stay the same.

We have to clear out and regenerate areas that have died off or are no longer serving our highest good. Even if we have gotten used to the way, things are we must move forward to something new and better. Anything that has been hidden knowledge will come to the forefront so we can know how to move forward.

Energetically, all of these Degrees point to solving problems we have as individuals, in relationships, and as a culture. We need to take a new approach, be efficient, be helpful, work hard, and get in touch with higher energies.

Cycles Always Repeat

The last time Pluto was in Capricorn was November 9th, 1762, to January 26th, 1778, which was around the time America was gaining its independence during the revolution.

And the last time it was ready to make a Great Conjunction with Capricorn was on January 3rd, 1518, which is part of a 500 year cycle. People during those times were looking for freedom, a way to express themselves, to practice the religion they wanted, to explore new territories, and to live in their truth. Every 500 years, these planets meet in this sign causing a mass change in some form or fashion.

Today we can see these issues playing out, sure, the scenery is different, the way we live our lives isn’t the same, but the need for transformation is still in the air whether that be personal or outwardly, people are looking for happiness whatever that means to them.

We are about to complete an old cycle and start a new one that transforms the way we do things as a society. With this conjunction, we will clear out what no longer serves us and make way for fresh new structures that will improve our environment, giving us the stability we need.

The last 106 years

  • Oct 4th, 1914 WW1 Saturn-Pluto Conjunction in Cancer.

  • WW2 ended during the waning phase Saturn Pluto at a waning phase and did its conjunction the UN is founded 2 years after the war

  • Aug 10, 1947, Conjunction in Leo

  • Nov 7th, 1982 Vietnam Memorial opens up in DC, and NASA launches Columbia Mission STS 3, Protest in NY against Nukes: Conjunction in Libra

  • 2001, Saturn-Pluto Opposition in Gemini and Sagittarius this happened around the September 11th events

Timeline leading up to Capricorn conjunction

  • Saturn in Libra 1982 Saturn Pluto Conjunction

  • Saturn in Capricorn Last time Saturn was in Capricorn was 1988 before the latest Ingress

  • March 1993 and Jan 1994 Saturn Pluto Square

  • Saturn in Gemini Opposition to Pluto Aug 2001, Nov 2001, and June 2002, separating March 2003

  • Saturn in Libra Back in the same spot it conjuncted in 1982 and making squares with Pluto in Feb 2010 the RX back to Virgo, August 15, 2010,

  • Went into Scorpio Oct 7th, 2012

Events during Conjunction, Squares, and Oppositions

  • Feb 11 532 AD: Justinian Tax Revolt Saturn in Cancer- Pluto in Capricorn Opposition

  • Oct 4th 629: The Byzantine Emperor war ends with Persians, Cross of Jeruselum: Mohammed declared Mecca a state of Islam, Byzantine-Arab war begins. Opposition: Saturn in Aries- Pluto in Libra

  • July 11, 710 Battle of Gaudette. Visigoths captured. Invasion of Spain by Moors. Saturn -Pluto conjunction in Cancer.

  • Dec 19, 1284: Height of the Crusades were taking place, and Christians retake Spain Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn

  • April 20th, 1350: the Bubonic Plague- Black Death Saturn-Pluto Conjunction in Aries

  • October, 31st, 1518: Protestant reformation, Martin Luther 95 Theses onto a church door in Germany. Conjunction in Capricorn

  • 1534: Monarchs in England become head of the church in an act passed called “Act of Supremacy” by Parliament separating from the Roman church, which also involved Henry VII. Opposition Saturn in Leo- Pluto in Aquarius

  • 1552: Treaty Signed by German Protestants and France. Conjunctions in Aquarius

  • Sept 30, 1834: Slavery ended in UK and law passed in July 1833 at a Saturn in Aries-Pluto in Libra Opposition

  • Nov 1, 1866: slavery abolished in the US. Opposition Saturn in Scorpio- Pluto in Taurus

  • 1883: Conjunction Two Natural disasters one in Italy another in Indonesia through volcanic activity killed thousands, Brooklyn Bridge opened. Conjunction in Gemini

  • Oct 4th, 1914: WW1 Saturn-Pluto Conjunction in Cancer. Also Lawrence of Arabia event

  • 1940 WW2 Saturn in Taurus Pluto in Leo Square

  • Aug 10, 1947: National Security Act, Roswell UFO situation. Conjunction in Leo

  • April 23, 1964: Civil Rights Act of 1964. Vietnam War April 23, Israel 6 day war 1965

  • Opposition Saturn in Pisces- Pluto in Virgo

  • Israel Lebanon invasion Nov 7th, 1982 Conjunction in Libra

Building Something New

As a civilization, we are currently under construction; Pluto is coming through to clear the things that need to go in our lives while Saturn is paving a fresh-new foundation so a modern and improved system can be built. This conjunction is a genuinely powerful and transformative Transit. The fact that we get to experience this in our lifetime is pretty epic. Hopefully, the changes that come will be beneficial for everyone across the board.


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