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Mars Retrograde Meaning in Transit: Vibes and What You Can Expect.

Mars goes into shadow at 15 degrees July 25,2020

Mars in Aries RX at 28 degrees Sep 9, 2020

Mar OOB 9/11/20 Max declination. 6N52

Mar OOB 11/01/20 Min declination. 4N49

Mars Direct in Aries 15 degrees November 14, 2020

Out of Shadow 28 degrees Aries January 2, 2021

After having some momentum for the last two years, now we are back here once again in what will be another slow down because Mars is going Retrograde in its home sign of Aries.

A Retrograde in this Celestial body’s home Sign is rare and has not happened in about 32 years, August 26, 1988, to be exact, at 11 degrees of Aries. This means the magnitude of this Inverse phase is going to be colossal, and its changes will be hugely impactful on a personal and collective level.

Mars in Aries will force us to look at where we need to become more of an individual and not be a passenger in our own lives.

The thing is we must re-examine what needs to be solved before going after desired things/situations and embrace our self-hood. From September 9 to November 15, things will slow down in a sign that is ordinarily quick to action. This will be your time to review where you need to change in Aries energy.

Think about where you were in your life since the last time Mars went Retrograde in Aries or what was going on in the previous period; this planet was in its home sign, which was January 1 of 2019.

Have you learned to become a warrior in your life?

What situations are you letting go of that impede on your independence?

Use the information you have gain since these periods and create a strategy that brings you the best results during this Retrograde.

Retrograde Themes in Aries

Here are some of the themes you can expect to come up as Mars is retrograde in its home sign:

  • Stand up for yourself to those who try to hinder your progress; it is time to let go of relationships that hold you back. ⠀

  • Find more ways to channel a braver side of you that isn’t afraid to step up to a challenge⠀

  • Be courageous and self-assured in your own abilities ⠀

  • Separate yourself from the heard and enjoy your individuality⠀

  • Look at the areas where you lack a sense of fun and adventure

  • Build confidence that allows you to reclaim your personal power⠀

  • Continue to work on being more responsive and quicker on your feet⠀

  • Let go of the negativity you’ve been carrying and fill your life with optimism⠀

  • Embrace your authenticity and speak your mind about what you need to be happy, even if it means putting yourself first for a change⠀

  • Own who you are and live in your truth⠀

  • Seize all of the opportunities you have in front of you and take advantage of those blessings ⠀

  • Work on issues with your sexual habits and drive

  • Learn how to put yourself out there dating wise rather than being a passenger in your love life

  • Level up your athleticism and get in touch with your inner Aries

  • Channel your personal power so you can be a gladiator/warrior in your life- it’s time for you to be mighty.

  • Embrace your identity and show the world who you are meant to be unabashedly

  • Do your own thing don’t wait around for others to experience an adventurous life

  • Be aware of coming off selfish because this energy can cause a person to be self-focused

  • Do what you can to correct issues with anger

  • Understand that being cocky is a downfall

  • It’s a time where people feel bored quickly which could cause others to carry-out reckless behavior out of having nothing better to do

  • Abruptly cutting people off and out of your life during this period with no hesitance or warning

  • Long-windedness becomes annoying which could flare up into arguments

  • Experiencing sudden attractions that are hot and heavy then burn out quickly especially when this planet is Retrograde

  • The overly competitive side of people come out more

  • This transit makes it too easy to get angry fast so be aware of your attitude

  • Your immature side could come out if you feel frustrated

  • There is a tendency to be bossy more than usual

  • Don’t push your luck, learn the art of patience during this time

  • Rushing into situations because you want it now could blow up in your face

  • On a non-personal level, there is a likelihood for war and violence (Especially in Aries)

  • Impetuousness in your everyday environment could lead to embarrassment or injury so be aware of your surroundings and don’t rush or perform actions in a hasty manner

Like any Retrograde, there is always a shadow side, so try your best to work through this energy. Overall, this will be a transformative time with Mars in Aries, especially with some of the harder transits it will hit. At the very least, we will be able to persevere and become more ambitious in our life. Let’s all get motivated and go after what you crave in the healthiest way possible.

Mars Retrograde Cycle in Any Sign No Matter What Year it is

Who wouldn’t want the ability to go after what you crave in an unstoppable way?!

Life would be pretty stellar if we were able to go after our aspirations with no roadblocks or slow timeframes. Honestly, everyone feels empowered when things are moving in the direction they want, and the timelines expected. However, there are points in our lives where we need to sit there with our hands neatly folded and just wait patiently.

Frankly, waiting is a part of life, but when it comes down to taking it easy, the planet Mars is not hearing that shit, this celestial body has no chill and needs everything like last year!

Mars rules our aspirations, our yearning for something or someone, how we go out for what we want, the hype man/woman, that motivational coach that tells us to go out and grab life by the balls if you will. On top of that, Mars rules our sex drive and is the way we get down in the sheets. This planet is how we take action and is also are fight or flight responses, so when it goes retrograde, these expressions move inward.

However, after two years of so much kinetic energy, Mars decides we need a review, which causes us to pump the breaks. As a result, it feels like someone takes the wind out of our sails, forcing us to maroon on an island until we fix our boat. This can be impactful to go from a lively existence to an absolute slow down, which is why Mars Retrogrades are beyond stressful.

Although it feels like an inconvenience, Mars Retros are incredibly essential, and unlike the other planets (except for Venus, which is an every 15 months RX cycle), it only retrogrades every 2 years or so, which brings up things we have forgotten. Not only that, but Mars has two sides to its nature, a fire adaptation, and the watery spirit. The fiery Aries-like portion brings in a Warrior facet, which causes physical manifestations to occur. On the other side of that is its water nature, which is Scorpionic and brings in the psychological version of Mars retrogrades. So not only does it deal with our ability to take action, but we also have to look at underlining things that are brought to the surface.

Taking time to reflect during Retrogrades is like that saying, “ You are right where you need to be,” in other words, when things slow down or come to a halt, it is for a reason, but also a blessing in disguise. Hence, this is a time to redirect you in the area you are supposed to be, not what the ego wants, which is to keep moving at the pace you deem appropriate.

It’s Retrograde last two months or so, and this is when it is closest to the Earth. Once a planet stops for a bit when it is about to Station RX, the heavenly body gives off a high concentration of energy. The cool thing is you can go out and take pictures of this celestial because it is not behind the Sun, and going slow enough for us to document, so that is another bonus to the RX. Additionally, since this planet is not behind the Sun, we can feel the energy of it more intensely because it isn’t being blocked out by Solar waves. Any world moving in Retrograde Motion has nothing to block its intensity, and because it is moving slowly, the energy does not let up.

Additionally, the thing to examine is the last times’ Mars went Retrograde to get an idea of what themes could pop up in your life. For example, Mars went Retrograde in Aries on September 9 of 2020. Another year in June of 2018 in Aquarius. Before that, it was on April 17, 2016, at 8 Sagittarius and backed into 23 Scorpio. Prior to that, it Retrograde May 1, 2014, in Libra at 27 degrees. And let’s do one more date just for fun, back in 2012 on January 24 at 23 degrees of Virgo was another inverse event. Are you starting to see the 2-year pattern?!

Look back at some of these dates to get an idea of how the next Retrograde will affect your world. Think again once more to these dates and what part could have changed in regards to longing, drive, and purpose.

The Scenarios that occur During an Inverse Mars Phase

If you’ve been looking for a way to correct the things in your life that need healing, this should be a period where you can capitalize on this Inverse phase. We genuinely need to use this transit to our advantage.

Mars Retrogrades can be broken up into 4 scenarios, and it is possible to feel more than one of these situations.

These are the main circumstances that come up for you to fix:

How do you respond: Are You Living in a Passive or Reactionary way?

  • Passive-aggressive energy can become more like a pressure cooker waiting to bubble over

  • Controlling your angry or disengaged reactions and learning to respond in a healthy way

  • Work on asserting yourself more and fight for what you believe in

  • Things that have been building up can come to a head with others

  • You learn how to ultimately find your voice and defend yourself

  • If you suffer from reckless mouth syndrome or anger issues, this will be a time to check yourself

  • People with unjustified levels of confidence tend to get humbled during this transit

  • A time to face the things you ran from out of fear

  • Learning how to discipline yourself

  • This would be a time to cut people off that are aggressive, possessive, jealous, or just no longer have a place in your life

Review and Resolve: When Your Past Resurfaces.

  • Resolutions are inevitable even if you aren’t ready to deal with them

  • If you were suppressed or repressed in some sort of way these things come back for you to work on

  • Past aims resurface because it’s time to review them and see if you’re still interested in it, plus you can look at things with a different mindset

  • What do you need to resolve when it comes to your individuality?

  • Getting back to who you were before losing yourself in a relationship or any situation that cause you to be inauthentic

  • Moving back to old goals that you put on the back burner a few years ago or a yearning/ hobby that you’ve always had an interest in

  • Try to take a step back and review where you are headed rather than being in survival mode when you get impulsive or feel confused

  • Heal trauma, and what’s not right, this is your time to resolve psychological issues

  • Things that were underneath the surface like anger or old secrets tend to come up

  • We have to get in touch with our power as well and resolve our suffering

Are You Physically Fit?

  • Go slow Mars is a physical planet meaning things can occur outside of the psyche

  • You could feel more drained than usual and need extra sleep

  • Inflammation could flare up during this time

  • Don’t trip over your shoes, impulsiveness can lead to injury, accidents, burns, cuts

  • Wear sunblock while you’re at it too (Not kidding)

  • Set boundaries with people who drain your energy because right now you could be more susceptible to people who suck you dry or have a ton of negativity

  • Take care of your immune system because this could also be weakened

  • Know when to take a break if you have been in a nonstop mode for awhile

  • Try to postpone any elective surgeries, but if you have to have an operation do what must be done just make sure you have all of the information

  • It’s an excellent time to work on your sexuality, issues with promiscuity, levels of passion, also your drive for intimacy

  • Build up your endurance and fitness

  • If you have been the lazy type, this is your opportunity to become more of a go-getter

  • Stockpiles of vitality will get release good, bad, or indifferent

  • On a collective level, there is a possibility for war and violence, not saying that to scare anyone

  • but it is something to be aware of especially when Mars is in Aries

Feeling pumped?!

  • Not feeling like you have things to look forward to

  • The goals that kept you pumped is no longer appealing

  • Recalibrating the way you go after what you want and staying driven

  • Overall feeling scattered and unfocused

  • Not feeling like seizing the day and losing your competitive edge because you need to recalibrate how you go after what you want

  • Realizing you were putting your energy into the wrong things

  • For those who lacked motivation, this brings in a surge of enthusiasm and causes you to start working on something you put off

  • Learning to redirect your energy into goals that will make you successful

  • Building a healthy sense of confidence

  • It’s your time to embrace a winner’s attitude

Indeed, these are hardcore lessons to review, but when you don’t run from the things you need to face, you will come out on the other side of this with a victory.

Becoming Almighty AF

After going through these tests in your vitality, it’s time to dust yourself off and get back on the horse. Once this Retrograde is over, you should begin to regain your strength in your life areas that were affected whatever that might be. This is your time to step into your personal power. Reclaim any aspirations that were held back; go out there and show this Retrograde what you are made of, you mighty girl/guy!