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Jupiter Retrograde: Vibes And How They Will Affect You.

Jupiter goes Retrogrades 4 months out of the year, making it one of the common ones we experience in Transit. And unlike a Natal Retrograde, we experience these two ways, on a societal level or if Jupiter is aspecting a planet in your Birth Chart Through Transit.

Unlike other planets, Jupiter Retrograde is relatively tame compared to Mars, Mercury, or Venus; but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its awkward moments. Jupiter’s inverse period is a time to look at belief systems and find a new way to expand our horizons, plus look at missed opportunities we could be taking advantage of in our lives.

Energetically, you could find yourself in search of the truth, whatever that might be for you during this Transit. It’s a time to tap into your higher mind and get in touch with your inner sense of what’s right or wrong in the world, ergo your sense of justice.

With Jupiter Rx, some of the situations can start out with a subtle tone and then gradually build in intensity. So even if you aren’t feeling these energies yourself, you can still watch the vibrational shift on a world stage. Or it could be people in your life that appear to be going through some change on a personal level during an Inverse Cycle.

Jupiter RX Vibes and how they affect you:

Jupiter retrogrades are all about making tweaks to things like your beliefs, boundaries, plus dreams and wishes so you can be ready to enjoy the luck of this planet without limits.

Here are some themes you could experience under a Jupiter Retrograde:

  • The outward expression of Jupiter becomes more internal, so instead of the cheerful let’s socialize, travel, and throw a party attitude, you will be more inclined to go inward.

  • Getting your ego in check

  • Coming to terms with your biases

  • Understanding that you can’t be one-sided when it comes to opinions

  • Traveling, make sure you are looking at all of the details or that any plans you have for long-distance travel are secure.

  • Checking all of the details if you plan to relocate cross country or international,

  • Higher education gets an examination, this would be a time to look at your options but wait for the right moment before you pick a school/program, or you might feel like it’s not right for you

  • Sacrifice plays a considerable role; this could be just giving up something that you no longer need or thought you wanted.

  • It can inflate depression because Jupiter is an expander and tends to make everything big, including gloomy feelings

  • Some of the things you once believed in might feel like it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

  • Working on where you are careless and regard for others

  • Entitlement issues come up to be resolved, especially when it comes to greed and selfishness

  • Reviewing opportunities to see if you still want them

  • The truth is going to be something you will be on a quest for; it will be your time to search for answers to things you thought you let go of or something that has been losing its luster

  • Gambling and impulsive behavior is another thing that needs to be healed; the urge to bet it all for a return will be high.

  • Seeking out the help of gurus and philosophers will help you heal; just make sure you review their credentials properly, or you could run into the false prophet types.

  • Resolving how you overdo things, which could deal with excess, biting off more than you can chew, social juggling, and other situations where you spread yourself thin.

  • This is the way Jupiter works especially in RX, we start to explore what we truly need and what we should place our faith in, as well as what is fair and what is not in line with our souls.

Looking At All The Possibilities

Once you've made it through this Jupiter RX, you will see that you are able to become outgoing again, this is a time for you to soon launch what you have been looking forward to and be social. You will be able to get your own personal arrogance in check so that you can benefit from this lucky planet as usual.


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